The Youth of Unity of Littleton

Loving hearts and gentle hands guide our little ones because our children are our most important asset and a very important and treasured part of our spiritual community here at Unity of Littleton!   Here they are, presenting a entertaining, fun-filled program on Mother's Day 2013:   We welcome you and your family to our church home and honor your child's adventure in growing by providing a well-rounded spiritual curriculum designed to reach each child's age and level of understanding.  Whether it is participating in a story/lesson or having fun creating craft projects, our kids look forward to Sunday School.  

Children's blessing & peace song

“Children, you are loved, special, and important, and that’s the Truth.”

  Our children join us at the conclusion of each service for a blessing and to join with the adults in singing the Peace Song.       "[Our] mission ... is not to entertain the children but to call them out.... To be 'called out' is to follow the harmonious law of the soul's unfoldment." —Myrtle Fillmore, Co-founder of the Unity movement